Illinois Health Professional Recruiting Opportunities

Are you looking for a job in the medical and healthcare industry? If you are, then you are one of the lucky people. All across the US, there are many employment and career developing opportunities for health professionals. Health departments like the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) offer recruitment opportunities each year to bring in a new set of diverse medical professionals to participate in achieving their common goals. Finding jobs and recruitment opportunities should not be a daunting task. However, there are a few things to note before applying for positions. In order to land any of the several Illinois health professional recruiting opportunities, you must not only have qualified for the post, but also need to exhibit competence and outperform others. It is important to remember that departments like IDPH offer equal opportunities for everyone. You are therefore going to face competition from a diverse group of qualified competent health professionals who need the job as much as you do.


Preparations that will land you recruitment opportunities

As a health professional seeking recruitment, you should prepare beforehand and ensure every required procedure is followed to the core. For instance, IDPH and CMS (central management services) identify and define different job classifications that you may qualify for. They also have recruitment counselors to help recruits determine what titles they are eligible to qualify for based on the course studies they took. If you want to get the opportunity you have been looking for, it is advisable to immediately consult recruitment counselors and find out what titles you can apply for. However, titles are not just given to health professionals; pre-qualification is required to prove competence and expertise in handling the duties and responsibilities within a specific title. CMS provides employment applications (CMS 100) for every job title available and recruits must complete this application, and qualify before they are recruited. In fact, you cannot apply for recruitment opportunities and expect to land them without taking CMS-100 for the specific title you want, unless otherwise advised on a job post. To learn more about CMS procedures and requirements for application, visit their website at for residents of Illinois.


Titles and opportunities

There are several available titles within Illinois health professional recruitment opportunities available at IDPH. Depending on the course study you learnt, you can qualify for any of these tittles;

• Chemist levels I, II and III

• CLA (clinical laboratory associate)

• CLT (clinical laboratory technician) levels I and II

• CLT (clinical laboratory technologist) levels I and II

• EHS (environmental health specialist levels I, II and III

• HFSN (health facilities surveillance nurse)

• HFS (health facilities surveyor levels I, II and III

• PHEA (public health educator associate)

• PHE (public health educator)

• PHPS (public health program specialist) levels I, II and III

There are many other titles existing for health professionals in other recruitment offers although these are the opportunities currently available at IDPH. If you are not sure which of these titles suit your education and experience in the health sector, you can contact CMS to schedule an appointment with one of the recruitment counselors.


Recruitment in other public and private sectors

As aforementioned, there are many recruitment opportunities for health professionals in Illinois. The medical sector has several departments which need more technicians and assistants. Recruitments are often advertised on daily newspapers and also broadcasted on radios and televisions. You can also search for hospitals, clinics and healthcare institutions found in Illinois and visit their official websites. Most institutions have a section for information regarding recruitment opportunities available. Different establishments have different requirement according to their principles and work policies. Nonetheless, it is required of all medical institutions to offer equal recruitment opportunities for everyone with no discrimination among any of these lines;

• Race, color or national origin

• Religion, political affiliations or sexual orientation

• Marital status, sex or age

• Physical disability or mental disability,

• Membership and non-membership in employee organizations

This means you have a fair chance of qualifying for the job if you prepare well in advance.



Health professionals looking to secure recruitment offers in Illinois are advised to stay on watch for new recruitment opportunities and vacancies in various hospitals and clinics. It is also improtant to know that you can also subscribe to their mailing lists for prompt notifications when new positions or recruitment seasons open up.