A Healthy Smile Means More than Just Great Dental Health

Proper dental care produces a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth creates a beautiful, healthy smile and a healthier body. Researches that have been conducted to study the relationship between oral health and overall body health have indicated that good oral health positively impacts a number of other medical conditions. This means that being conscious about dental self-care and visiting your North Georgia dentist regularly for check-ups improves whole body health and thus your quality of life. On the other hand, when dental health care is neglected, the result is oral health problems that can cause bigger health problems to the entire body. Below are the 3 major ways in which oral health is linked to overall health.

Healthy Smile = Healthy Pregnancy = Healthier Baby

The old wives’ tale of “one tooth loss for every baby” is no longer true in today’s world of information and technology. With an adequate intake of calcium and proper dental hygiene before, during and after pregnancy, a mother can avoid the dental problems associated with pregnancy. By maintaining a healthy mouth, you also increase the chances of having a healthy baby. It’s important to know which diseases to avoid during pregnancy. Common dental diseases to look out for include:

  • Gum disease: According to the American Academy of Periodontology, oral bacteria contain a labor-inducing biological fluid. The amounts of this fluid increases with gum disease. Therefore, pregnant women suffering from gum disease are at a greater risk of delivering prematurely or giving birth to underweight babies. Special attention should be paid to gums and teeth to avoid the development of gum disease.

  • Erosion of the enamel: Morning sickness is not an uncommon symptom of pregnancy for many women. They experience nausea which sometimes adds acidity in the mouth. This acidity can erode teeth if the mouth is not rinsed out. If you find yourself in this situation, use water or a fluoride mouthwash to keep the acid level in your mouth under control.
  • Tooth decay and oral infections: Pregnancy dry mouth puts a pregnant woman at a risk of tooth decay and oral infections. Drinking plenty of water and chewing gum can reduce this risk since the two actions enhance production of saliva and keep the mouth hydrated.

If you plan on getting pregnant, visit your North Georgia dentist for an oral health exam and necessary dental treatment. This will help to reduce the likelihood of having a dental emergency during pregnancy. During the meeting with your dentist, you can also schedule further dental visits during your pregnancy.

Good oral health helps to keep the heart healthier

Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria can infect the heart of a person who is suffering from certain cardiovascular conditions. These infections are called infective endocarditis and occur when oral bacteria enter the bloodstream through injuries that may occur in the mouth during eating, normal brushing, or flossing.

Periodontal disease increases inflammation level throughout the body. Inflammation is a big risk factor for heart conditions. More than 80% of patients who have had a heart attack have periodontal disease. For periodontal disease patients, the risk of getting a heart attack is twice that of those who do not suffer from the dental condition.

Monitor your oral health to keep your sugar level in check

If you are diabetic, having a healthy mouth can be your reliable sugar level checker. When sugar levels increase, oral health is affected. Increased sugar levels can lead to tooth loss and increase the severity of gum disease. In diabetic people, periodontal disease seems to be more frequent and more severe and the healing process. Therefore, if your dentist examines and diagnoses you for periodontal disease, you should go to a doctor and have a diabetes exam.

Another connection between oral health and diabetes is that a person with gum problems finds it harder to control their sugar levels than one who don’t suffer from the dental problem. The reason is that the infections can increase blood sugar levels.

Other health conditions linked to oral health include hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis , Alzheimer’s, and lung cancer.

Routine dental care helps to protect oral health and regular visits to a North Georgia dentist can help to unearth other health issues at their early stages so that appropriate treatment is done. As such, proper oral health care should be viewed as a way of maintaining a healthy smile, a healthy body, and an improved quality of life. Having knowledge of the mouth and body connection can help one to be more vigilant in obtaining and maintaining good oral health.

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Looking For Forged Doctor’s Notes?

Work is one of the most overwhelming inevitable duties adults have to do and there is no way around it. If you are self-employed, then there is no way to take an off without hurting your profits. However, those employed in organizations whether private of public will feel the need to take some time off from time to time. No matter how much you love the job, it eventually takes its toll and when you are worn out, you definitely deserve a break. Unfortunately, the bosses and supervisors will not give you a break before the leave or holiday break seasons unless you fall sick. Faking sickness is the surest way not to show up at work as no one will blame you for getting ill. The difficult part is handing over the proof that you were actually ill and was diagnosed. If you faked it, then you will probably need to learn how to get a fake doctor’s note to avoid troubles at work. But how do you get them?

How to get a fake doctor’s note

Most people who fake sickness end up being caught as they use cheap quality notes that can be easily disapproved. Landing reliable doctor’s notes is very difficult unless you have a friend or relative who is an actual practicing doctor in a clinic or hospital. If you have no such outs, then the only option is to find fake notes that can convince your boss. There are several online companies and sites that claim to offer the best fake doctor’s notes that you can hand out without being questioned. However, not all offers you come across are able to deliver this promise like bestfakedoctorsnotes.net. It is always advisable to keenly compare and review your options before spending money on fake doctor’s notes. Fortunately, reliable offers have various hallmarking characteristics that can be used to easily distinguish them from the rest. Some of the things to consider include the following;

  • Fake Doctors Note TemplateReputation – Companies that have been providing indistinguishable doctor’s notes that get accepted without questioning will obviously have a good reputation within the area. Simply look through customer reviews, opinions, comments and testimonials to learn from their individual experiences. If you notice too many negative comments and complaints, you should probably avoid such offers.
  • The offering – The best offers are carefully designed based on real doctor’s notes collected from different establishments and states. Before offering notes, these companies often go through thousands of legit doctor notes and come up with templates that can help you write legit notes for your case. The offer should therefore include numerous options that are editable. Customization and variety are very important especially since you will want to edit the notes to fit your situation and details. You should be able to edit description, height, age, complexion, ethnicity, residence and address among other details.
  • Guarantees – What if you spend money of so called “best” fake doctor’s notes and end up being caught? Firstly, the notes will be closely similar to legit and this can cause serious problems as your employers will begin to scrutinize every other excuse you have given or plan to give in the future even if it is honest. You may even earn a suspension for forging such notes. It is therefore advisable to purchase from companies that offer quality guarantees including provisions for refund if the notes do not help. The best offers allow you to get back your money within the year (are tied to a 365-day money back guarantee).

There are other minor aspects to review before settling for a particular offering. Make sure the company is experienced and has provided the best fake doctor’s notes for a long time assisting numerous clients. The notes should be easy to access, download, edit and print. Some offers even include rubber stamps and signatures already included to save you the extra work. Make sure you compare prices before choosing your offer. It is generally advisable to review all the other aspects before looking into the prices. Once you have 2 or 3 potential companies that depict superior quality service, compare their quotes/packages and find one that offers a better competitive affordability.


Finding the best fake doctor’s notes should not be a daunting task especially since there are several sites that offer such editable templates at very affordable prices. Most sites will charge for annual use and allow you to download the notes any time you like. You can even share some with your friends who want to take a day off work. Everyone deserves to take a break and rest or handle other things from time to time and fake doctor notes can help you achieve this without having any troubles at work.

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Toyota Health Costs

Toyota is set to build one of the most-equipped factory medical facilities in history. The Japanese automaker has experienced much expansion of their industry in the US in recent years, but is faced with one major challenge that they now plan to resolve. Over the years, factories has faced soaring health costs for employee treatment and while some, like Detroit automakers brought up the issue, Toyota has decided to act upon it. Most factories and plants are required to have a medical office where employees can get some first aid pharmaceuticals and popular over the counter medication for generic illnesses and temporary conditions. However, these offices are ill-equipped to handle the full range of health services required. According to Ford Brewer, Toyota health costs have soared up to $11,000 per worker per year for US plant workers. Brewer is Toyota’s health and wellness assistant general manager at the NAMP (North-American Manufacturing Plant) headquarters.

Building a modern health facility within the factory

The ever soaring Toyota health costs have pushed Japanese giant automakers to consider building a fully equipped modern health facility within their newest manufacturing plant. Their latest expansion in San Antonio includes a design that features a factory clinic as a way to reduce some of these employee medical expenses. Unlike any other factory medical office, this clinic is set to offer a myriad of health-care services ranging from eye and teeth repair to laboratory tests and therapies. This is no typical factory clinic and it has drained some $9 million to become a realization. Workers at the new San Antonio plant will be able to enjoy services such as eye checkups, dental checkups and repairs, a wide range of pediatric services, physical therapy and laboratory tests. According to Mr. Brewer, the move was a bold step they have never repeated elsewhere although this is in line with one of their bedrock principles, “Kaizen” which simply refers to continuous improvement. Mr. Brewer further added, “By improving quality, we reduce cost.”

A new movement to emulate

Toyota soaring costs are mirrored by every other major manufacturing plant and it will be interesting to see whether other companies will emulate what Toyota is doing. The clinic is one of a kind designed for Toyota employees, their families and business suppliers. Hopefully, visitors that fall sick within the facility may get some form of first aid treatment before they are transferred to another hospital. Hidehiko Tajima, the plant manager shared his view concerning the new development, “If it is successful, we will spread it to other plants.” Evidently, Toyota intends to cut down their employee medical expenses as down as possible and there is no better way to achieve this than building a fully efficient clinic in every work plant. The clinic is expected to commence operations immediately as Toyota plans to employ around 2,000 workers by spring, and employees from Adams Toyota, Kansas City are very much looking forward to this. Their suppliers will also bring in some 2,100 employees to the site. According to Ronald Harbour, president of manufacturing consultation company (Harbour Consulting Inc) in Troy, the move makes a lot of sense from a cost standpoint. Apparently, many automakers in the US are frustrated by soaring healthcare cost particularly because they have very little control and cannot effectively preside over how the money is spent.

Potential benefits of the clinic

Apart from reducing medical expenses, an onsite clinic has many other benefits that automakers believe will improve productivity and lead to success. Toyota will gauge how successful their clinic is though monitoring various worker healthcare indicators such as blood pressure and smoking cessation. They will also be able to track expenses just so they are sure the healthcare costs are reduced. Experts also believe an onsite clinic will reduce the rate of absenteeism as sick workers will be treated and their condition assessed within the plant. If it is a slight disturbance like stomach ache or morning fever, they can be treated and allowed to rest for a few minutes before resuming work.


Onsite medical facilities are however not new among automakers. Back in the 1950s Ford offered healthcare, dental services and an overnight ward with a bed within the facility. Toyota will not require employees to use the clinic, but they have measures to encourage them including charging higher company pays and offering deductibles for those that use other clinics. The trend in delivering workplace healthcare is more focused on occupational injuries; personal healthcare is a secondary objective.

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Illinois Health Professional Recruiting Opportunities

Are you looking for a job in the medical and healthcare industry? If you are, then you are one of the lucky people. All across the US, there are many employment and career developing opportunities for health professionals. Health departments like the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) offer recruitment opportunities each year to bring in a new set of diverse medical professionals to participate in achieving their common goals. Finding jobs and recruitment opportunities should not be a daunting task. However, there are a few things to note before applying for positions. In order to land any of the several Illinois health professional recruiting opportunities, you must not only have qualified for the post, but also need to exhibit competence and outperform others. It is important to remember that departments like IDPH offer equal opportunities for everyone. You are therefore going to face competition from a diverse group of qualified competent health professionals who need the job as much as you do.


Preparations that will land you recruitment opportunities

As a health professional seeking recruitment, you should prepare beforehand and ensure every required procedure is followed to the core. For instance, IDPH and CMS (central management services) identify and define different job classifications that you may qualify for. They also have recruitment counselors to help recruits determine what titles they are eligible to qualify for based on the course studies they took. If you want to get the opportunity you have been looking for, it is advisable to immediately consult recruitment counselors and find out what titles you can apply for. However, titles are not just given to health professionals; pre-qualification is required to prove competence and expertise in handling the duties and responsibilities within a specific title. CMS provides employment applications (CMS 100) for every job title available and recruits must complete this application, and qualify before they are recruited. In fact, you cannot apply for recruitment opportunities and expect to land them without taking CMS-100 for the specific title you want, unless otherwise advised on a job post. To learn more about CMS procedures and requirements for application, visit their website at http://www.state.il.us/cms/1_employ/ for residents of Illinois.


Titles and opportunities

There are several available titles within Illinois health professional recruitment opportunities available at IDPH. Depending on the course study you learnt, you can qualify for any of these tittles;

• Chemist levels I, II and III

• CLA (clinical laboratory associate)

• CLT (clinical laboratory technician) levels I and II

• CLT (clinical laboratory technologist) levels I and II

• EHS (environmental health specialist levels I, II and III

• HFSN (health facilities surveillance nurse)

• HFS (health facilities surveyor levels I, II and III

• PHEA (public health educator associate)

• PHE (public health educator)

• PHPS (public health program specialist) levels I, II and III

There are many other titles existing for health professionals in other recruitment offers although these are the opportunities currently available at IDPH. If you are not sure which of these titles suit your education and experience in the health sector, you can contact CMS to schedule an appointment with one of the recruitment counselors.


Recruitment in other public and private sectors

As aforementioned, there are many recruitment opportunities for health professionals in Illinois. The medical sector has several departments which need more technicians and assistants. Recruitments are often advertised on daily newspapers and also broadcasted on radios and televisions. You can also search for hospitals, clinics and healthcare institutions found in Illinois and visit their official websites. Most institutions have a section for information regarding recruitment opportunities available. Different establishments have different requirement according to their principles and work policies. Nonetheless, it is required of all medical institutions to offer equal recruitment opportunities for everyone with no discrimination among any of these lines;

• Race, color or national origin

• Religion, political affiliations or sexual orientation

• Marital status, sex or age

• Physical disability or mental disability,

• Membership and non-membership in employee organizations

This means you have a fair chance of qualifying for the job if you prepare well in advance.



Health professionals looking to secure recruitment offers in Illinois are advised to stay on watch for new recruitment opportunities and vacancies in various hospitals and clinics. It is also improtant to know that you can also subscribe to their mailing lists for prompt notifications when new positions or recruitment seasons open up.

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